Reflection, Julia Chu

I was in a seminar recently that taught a guiding principle of Charles Spurgeon, the great 19th-century English preacher: “In everything, make a beeline to Jesus”. For me, that means that I’ve been trying to slow down and be thoughtful about the things I do, the food I eat and even the way I read the Bible and pray; to make sure my life is orbiting around Jesus, not myself or anything else. When reading the Bible, I’m asking myself, “What does this teach me about Jesus?” In prayer, I’m listening instead of talking. While giving up certain foods, I’m seeking to depend on His strength, instead of my own. In every activity, I’m looking for Jesus. This can be difficult, to shift my thinking to Him instead of myself, but it’s right. Next Sunday, we will be celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, the most pivotal event in the history of humankind. Let’s seek to make Jesus the most pivotal force in our lives, then watch and see what He will do in this world through us.